Upcycling is the creative reuse or re-purposing of old fashioned items into new products. Upcycling is better for the environment than recycling because it reduces waste – instead of throwing items away we are keeping them for longer. Upcycling also saves energy & raw materials that would otherwise be used in manufacturing new products

Ecotainment! have been Upcycling since 2007. Sometimes we find objects that have been thrown away and reuse them for decoration, or combine them with other products to make music or generate electricity. Here are some examples of our creations

Vintage Ghetto-blasters – Custom Boom boxes

There has been a great deal of interest in our custom-made speaker cases so we have decided to share the love and make them to order! The various trunks & cases are originals (not reproductions) and each piece is made to order by craftsmen in Dorset, UK. They sound as good as they look and are even compatible with your smart phone. Please contact us now to see the range & discuss your requirements. There are various options such as size, style, battery power & blue-tooth.  Prices start at £200

Upcycled retro portable stereos
Custom made suitcase ghetto-blaster & funky trunks

Shabby-Chic Solar Panel Signs

It’s a 30 watt solar panel with an antique picture frame surround. Simple but effective!

Solar Panel with Antique Picture Frame Surround

Creative Dynamo Bike Pedal Powered Generator

This Upcycled bicycle generates electricity. Enough power to play music and light-up the Recycling Revolution sign. An electric motor that’s in the rear wheel is brand-new but the rest of the equipment is re-used and Was Once Waste – WOW!

pedal powered generator
Recycle Revolution

Keep it Wheel...

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