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Search Engine Optimisation the Science and Sales of Search Results

Recently Google has been encrypting it’s search terms meaning that it’s harder to see what interests people that visit your website. One of the reasons behind this move is to make it harder for SEO’s who want to corrupt search results by putting their… Continue Reading “Search Engine Optimisation the Science and Sales of Search Results”

South Wessex Waste Minimisation Group demonstration

The following edited text is taken from the SWWMG website … DJ Dynamo works as the assistant manager at the Bulky Household Waste Site in Dorset and has over the last few years developed his ‘Tip of the Pops’ solar powered disco that is… Continue Reading “South Wessex Waste Minimisation Group demonstration”

Creative Dynamo dot Net website 2011 in review

I mentioned detailed website statistics in my annual review and Best of that appeared on FaceBook recently. Now… as if by magic WordPress.com have conjured up this funky review on my behalf. Although WordPress is actually a blogging service and refers to blogs (web… Continue Reading “Creative Dynamo dot Net website 2011 in review”