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Where Punk meets Rave & Disco Welcome to the World of Unusual Sound Systems

originally featured in the Spark magazine Summer Festival Guide 2014   They are the folks who add dash of controlled lunacy to the modern festival experience, providing us with sights (and sounds) that provoke a combination of wonder, bafflement and hilarity. No one has… Continue Reading “Where Punk meets Rave & Disco Welcome to the World of Unusual Sound Systems”

Shambala Festival part three: Lovely Day

Sunday morning was overcast but enthused by yesterdays breakfast show I went for another outing. These morning gigs work really well as there is nothing planned on the main stages until midday so no fear of me being drowned out. There is also a… Continue Reading “Shambala Festival part three: Lovely Day”

Shambala Festival part one: Adventures in Utopia

I’ve had such a busy weekend performing at this years Shambala! A playground for dreamers, thinkers, radicals and romantics Shambala festival provided me the perfect opportunity to showcase Tip of the Pops – Thanks to all involved in such a wonderful weekend. This is… Continue Reading “Shambala Festival part one: Adventures in Utopia”

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