WOW! Was Once Waste

WOW – Was Once Waste!

WOW is our Ecotainment! Roadshow delivering educational activities and workshops combining recycling and renewable energy. We have fun activities such as a pedal powered beat-box and recycled solar ovens that can be used at your school or event. We are experienced fundraisers, educators and entertainers in the community.

Here is an example of our road show creations and activities

Pedal Powered Beat-Box

A children’s bicycle that when cycled generates enough electricity to make music with a beat machine and keyboard. The pedal powered beat-box is a great fun way to demonstrate people powered renewable energy. Energy from the bicycle wheel is transferred into electrical energy using a 12 volt electric motor running in reverse! Elegantly simple, energetic and end endless fun

Recycled Solar Ovens

Using cardboard boxes, tin foil and a little bit of know-how it is possible to cook using the power of the sun. Our solar ovens can be delivered as a group or individual activity, a cookery demonstration or combination of all three depending on your requirements. We will bring the necessary materials and ingredients for a delicious sun baked bite.

In warmer countries solar ovens are a viable alternative to fossil fuel and wood burning stoves. A solar oven can be used to boil water for sterilisation, cook rice, re-heat tinned food and even bake bread! We can use a variety of box shapes and sizes from pizza cartons, tubes and packing cases!

Solar ovens are available in the Summer months (April-September) as they require 2-3 hours of sunshine

One Less Car

An everyday bicycle with trailer demonstrating that you do not have to take a car for small journeys. The cycle trailer houses a small scale solar electric system and has a perspex top clearly showing the layout of the battery and components. At respect festival in Poole one less car powered voice changing sound effects microphone and Panasonic ghetto blaster for children to play along with. However you could use this as a portable generator anywhere during the event

Wheelbarrow Guerilla Garden

A guerilla garden wheelbarrow with plants in cereal boxes around a small greenhouse. This shows that you do not need a lot of space to garden or need any special equipment to get started. In the past this attraction has become a mobile garden centre with people leaving with plants at the end of each day

Tip of the Pops / DJ Workshops

The only solar powered wheelbarrow disco made from waste in the world ever! Tip of the Pops is a quirky mobile disco and DJ with a difference as all of the music and equipment was once waste.  Julies Bicycle, an organisation set-up to advise the music industry on climate change, calls it ‘a disco with no carbon footprint’. With Tip of the Pops you can literally have a disco party anywhere and try your hand at being a superstar DJ or dancer

Want to experience the thrill of DJ’ing and sound and look like a pro? We have professional scratch turntables and tunes to get you started – solar powered style!

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