Climate Emergency Event Wimborne 12 September 2019

press-release and graphics by Ecotainment! for Extinction Rebellion Wimborne

There’s now no doubt the climate has changed, we are entering a period of extreme weather and uncertainty. After the hottest June ever recorded wild-fires are raging across the globe from the Amazon to the Arctic where sea-ice is also disappearing at alarming rates*. The evidence suggests that this change is only just the beginning.

As species struggle to adapt the resultant bio-diversity loss leads to extinction. The United Nations is warning of food shortages (100 harvests) and societal collapse so how come this is not being pushed up the political agenda? Whilst our government seems paralysed by Brexit concerned citizens, including school children are self-organising to highlight concerns and find possible solutions.

Movements such as Fridays for the Future and Extinction Rebellion are asking for wholesale system change NOW to prepare us for what lies ahead. It seems that the current political and economic models have failed the Earth and it’s inhabitants by polluting our land, oceans and air. In short we have to act-now or face leaving a toxic inhospitable planet for future generations.

Two thirds of Britons agree the planet is in a state of Climate Emergency ** including the new Dorset Council and Corfe Mullen parish council. Join us on the 12th September to find-out how this strategy is working and what comes next. We have to keep the pressure on our local institutions whilst continuing to join-up actions across the globe. There is very little time left to make meaningful change we have to Act Now.

Special guest XR speakefrom 7pm to tell us all we need to know about the International Rebellion on 7 October and the part we can play

People’s Assembly Have your say!

Inspiration Session – building on the moving testaments of rebels at the general meeting at Gaunt’s House back in June. An opportunity to share your hopes and fears for the future. 

XRW General Meeting – reports from working groups

  • Eco Stalls & Campaigns

  • Little Fox Vegan Bakers

  • DJ Dapper Dan

  • Arts & Crafts

Please share the event with your friends and family

website sources * BBC & ** Guardian

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The Past Twelve Years pt 3 (BGG to XRW)

This is the final part in a crash-course of the Ecotainment! story so-far from 2007 – 2019

2017 was the year of Ocean Plastic end-of, a watershed moment for environmentalism. Never before had a green issue gained so much traction and captured the public interest as much.

I was extremely lucky to be at a January ‘preview’ of A Plastic Ocean documentary feature-film in a Bournemouth school. I say preview because it was only a day before the official film launch and one of the ‘crew’ was there. It turns out one of the film-makers (scientific adviser perhaps) had been on a diving holiday, met one of the parents and that had led to the film-screening I attended.

I was eager to repeat the success of the previous Shelley Theatre ‘Green Screen’ events BUT after two virtual sell-outs it was clear we were going to have to find a larger venue. I opted for a local high school in Wimborne, Dorset where they can seat 300. Once again it was another gamble but I am glad to say it paid-off. 180 people attended the Plastic Ocean event in May 2017 including 30 volunteers from various campaigns across the region.


With the financial support of Bournemouth University and others (see Wave of Change UK Supporters) we continued to show the APO film all over Dorset 15+ times to over 600 people (2017/18). What I learned from ‘touring’ that film is that Wimborne, Dorset really does have an appetite for eco-stuff and arguably the best facilities in the region.

This is why I was eager to attend the Extinction Rebellion talk there ‘Heading for Extinction’ in May 2019. I was impressed to see 150+ people turn-out for that event and immediately signed myself-up for future Extinction Rebellion Wimborne actions (XRW).

This brief-history series of posts is dedicated to my daughter who started school today aged four. For J love from daddy x x

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The Past Twelve Years pt 2 (BGG to XRW)

Over the past 12 years I have done a lot of work. The purpose of this short series of posts is to bring you up-to-date rapidly from BGG to XRW (2007 – 2019). Before you proceed to pt 3 you absolutely must read this post conveniently titled ‘This Changes Everything‘ which was the second part of my first-foray into film. These two sell-out solar-powered screenings laid the foundation for the Pop-Up Cinema events that came after.

The importance of This Changes Everything at Shelley Theatre was three-fold. Firstly it sold-out. To my knowledge this was the first sell-out show at the refurbished Shelley Theatre – an arts venue that I was campaigning to save as far back as 200X. The only reason the first film-event didn’t sell-out is because there was a mix-up at the box office (seats were available but people were turned away). Special mention here to director Jerry Rothwell who by attending our first screening had allowed us to set the bar very high indeed.

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 10.51.52
Campaigning to save Shelley Manor me in the front! aka Joimson

Secondly I had invited and managed to pay expenses for End Ecocide, a legal campaign to protect the Earth. Inviting London lawyers to a film-event in back-water Bournemouth was risky but it worked. It went so well that EE ended-up following our lead and organising similar events afterwards. I also want to ‘BIGGUP’ the local Bournemouth & Poole Greenpeace whose influence helped get these film events off the ground.

Thirdly, not long after the ‘This Changes’ blog post was published it was ‘liked’ by Polly Higgins. It was more than just a click she typed a couple of words for which I will be eternally grateful. Polly is the lawyer who made it her life’s work to promote Ecocide after making the legal framework possible. Co-incidentally Polly Higgins is also from South-West England which is the home of the BGG & Ecotainment!

Sadly Polly Higgins died earlier this year, as a mark of respect Extinction Rebellion parked a boat named after her outside the Royal Courts of Justice in July. Urging citizens and the media to ‘Act Now’ on the Climate Emergency.

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