Because having a good time should not cost the Earth!
Booking Ecotainment! you can celebrate responsibly knowing that a percentage of our profit supports pioneering community and grass roots campaigns like these…


How Can Fashion Be Sustainable? An online lock-down talk & workshop for 6th form students. At the end of the session participants had devised their own sustainable fashion action-plan.


Two virtual lock-down screenings of the feature length documentary film The Story of Plastic. These two events had a combined total of 100+ viewers. The online discussion afterwards featured special guests from A Plastic Ocean, Wild Tribe Heroes, Extinction Rebellion & Friends of the Earth.


In 2019 Ecotainment! & Don’t Inflate to Celebrate hosted the European Premiere of Rubber Jellyfish a film about balloons and sea turtles. This film goes in-depth into the plastic pollution problem by exposing ‘greenwashing’ in the latex rubber industry. Although the film is not suitable for young audiences we took the film contents and turned it into outreach activities for schools and World Oceans Day. With origami, pledges, colouring-in, poster competitions and even clay ! We made sure everyone got the message ‘balloons blow don’t let them go’!


A Plastic Ocean adventure-documentary shown 15 times to 600+ people in Dorset. Linking local festivals, schools & universities with British Science Week, Earth Day, World Oceans & Environment Day.
Our first A Plastic Ocean event in Wimborne attracted 150+ audience

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