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My Second Sugru Fix: Reduce Reuse Recycle Boogie !

When trying to explain Sugru to friends I feel like I fail to do it justice. After one such incident I was inspired to open up my last such sachet and put it to good use. I am always looking for uses for my… Continue Reading “My Second Sugru Fix: Reduce Reuse Recycle Boogie !”

Shambala Festival part three: Lovely Day

Sunday morning was overcast but enthused by yesterdays breakfast show I went for another outing. These morning gigs work really well as there is nothing planned on the main stages until midday so no fear of me being drowned out. There is also a… Continue Reading “Shambala Festival part three: Lovely Day”

Slushfest (Lushfest 2012) Fresh Handmade Festival

How to Make a Fresh Handmade Festival Start with a reasonable amount of dosh say 2 million pounds. Find the best location, the best artists, food and campaigns imaginable. Then, as a gesture of goodwill, fill it with your gorgeous products (that are either… Continue Reading “Slushfest (Lushfest 2012) Fresh Handmade Festival”

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