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A Plastic Ocean is coming to Dorset Friday 5th May

Apologies for the slightly misleading title of this post. Based on today’s beach combing expedition at Kimmeridge what it should actually say is that Ocean Plastic is already here in abundance! Plastic debris is not hard to find at low-tide. Some of it instantly…

A Plastic Ocean Documentary Film Review

Recent reports suggest there are more pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans than fish. That’s because large pieces of plastic waste debris from fishing, beaches, rivers & shipping break-up rather than break-down in the natural environment. Simply speaking one piece of plastic can…

This Changes Everything – Green Screen Solar Cinema Review

Shelley Theatre view from Projection Room

On Thursday 9th June 160 activists, audience and crew, gathered together at Shelley Theatre in Bournemouth for the second Green Screen Solar Cinema. Green Screen is more than just a movie, it’s a social and networking event for anyone interested in the environmental movement….