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The Past Twelve Years pt 1 (BGG to XRW)

Ecotainment! began twelve years ago at the Big Green Gathering festival in 2007. This was by no means my first ‘action’ BUT that event, which was also the last BGG for a long-time (due to licensing issues), was the genesis of my own personal… Continue Reading “The Past Twelve Years pt 1 (BGG to XRW)”

The School in the Cloud (British Science Week)

In a pitch-black Indian street market where the only electric light appears to be coming from the directors camera the locals are being told about a plan to educate their children using just a computer screen. Most of them, especially the children, have never… Continue Reading “The School in the Cloud (British Science Week)”

Crowdfunder Campaign for more Plastic Ocean Dorset Screenings

On the 5th May 2018 it will be one year since we started showing the adventure-documentary feature film A Plastic Ocean. In our first three screenings we averaged over 100 audience per screening. During British Science Week we are organising a further 7 free… Continue Reading “Crowdfunder Campaign for more Plastic Ocean Dorset Screenings”