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Climate Emergency Event Wimborne 12 September 2019

press-release and graphics by Ecotainment! for Extinction Rebellion Wimborne There‚Äôs now no doubt the climate has changed, we are entering a period of extreme weather and uncertainty. After the hottest June ever recorded wild-fires are raging across the globe from the Amazon to the… Continue Reading “Climate Emergency Event Wimborne 12 September 2019”

The Past Twelve Years pt 3 (BGG to XRW)

This is the final part in a crash-course of the Ecotainment! story so-far from 2007 – 2019 2017 was the year of Ocean Plastic end-of, a watershed moment for environmentalism. Never before had a green issue gained so much traction and captured the public… Continue Reading “The Past Twelve Years pt 3 (BGG to XRW)”

The Past Twelve Years pt 2 (BGG to XRW)

Over the past 12 years I have done a lot of work. The purpose of this short series of posts is to bring you up-to-date rapidly from BGG to XRW (2007 – 2019). Before you proceed to pt 3 you absolutely must read this… Continue Reading “The Past Twelve Years pt 2 (BGG to XRW)”