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How can Fashion be Sustainable workshop

Recently, I was invite to speak to sixth-form students about sustainable fashion. I devised an online assembly style workshop: for the for the first 30 minutes I gave an introduction to Ecotainment! & Tip of the Pops. Focussing on some of my most outrageous… Continue Reading “How can Fashion be Sustainable workshop”

Sustainable Ethical event fashion (Free Delivery)

So after many years of ‘trialling’ Rapanui products I’m pleased to say I’ve finally gone and opened-up a shop on their TeeMill platform. If you’ve never heard of them before they’re a sustainable & ethical business operating out of the Isle of Wight in… Continue Reading “Sustainable Ethical event fashion (Free Delivery)”

The Story of Plastic PrEView

June 5th World Environment Day Q&A 9pm UK time Film-Fiesta Watch NOW for FREE (ends June 6th 2020) sign-up to one of our screenings here Eventbrite | Facebook Disclaimer this is a theatrical preview of the film. For accurate facts and figures refer to… Continue Reading “The Story of Plastic PrEView”

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