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Larmer Tree Festival 2015 Applications are Open

After two consecutive years performing Tip of the Pops at the intimate, local & social Larmer Tree Festival that time has come around again. Last year it felt like all my hard work, energy and enthusiasm (with all round good vibrations) had been recognised… Continue Reading “Larmer Tree Festival 2015 Applications are Open”

Shambala 2013 Going Back to My Roots!

Landed back home safely from planet Shambala and reviewing another weekend of top-notch ‘Ecotainment’, art, activism and community led shenanigans. This was our 3rd appearance in as many years and in the past words have failed how best to describe this sublime festival. This… Continue Reading “Shambala 2013 Going Back to My Roots!”

Shambala Festival part three: Lovely Day

Sunday morning was overcast but enthused by yesterdays breakfast show I went for another outing. These morning gigs work really well as there is nothing planned on the main stages until midday so no fear of me being drowned out. There is also a… Continue Reading “Shambala Festival part three: Lovely Day”

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