How British Science Week is Helping Dorset Turn the Tide on Ocean Plastic

Bournemouth University, Ecotainment! and Bournemouth Park Cafes are hoping to bring about a ‘Wave of Change’ during British Science Week (March 9–18th). They’re inviting members of the public to one of seven free film screenings of the award winning adventure-documentary A Plastic Ocean. Since the films release in January last-year the issue of ocean plastic has hardly been out of the news. Thanks to the likes of Sky News ‘Plastic Tide’ campaign and the BBC Blue Planet 2 series which was seen by 17 million viewers.

The events taking place in Bournemouth, Poole & Swanage are aiming to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, whilst encouraging even more participants to #PassOnPlastic. Do not miss this opportunity to see A Plastic Ocean for free and meet with like-minded people from across the region. All events are open to the public and businesses that are interested in helping turn the tide on ocean plastic by reducing their plastic-footprint.

  • March 9th Bournemouth University Poole
  • March 10th Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre Bournemouth
  • March 12th Durlston Country Park (Learning Centre) Swanage
  • March 13th Corfe Mullen Baptist Church Wimborne
  • March 14th Carter School Hamworthy Poole
  • March 16th Queens Park Pavilion Bournemouth

To claim your free ticket to one of these screenings please visit or in the case of Hengistbury Head call the Visitor Centre on 01202 451618

Unlike other environmental issues such as climate change, genetically modified organisms or air-pollution the plastic ‘problem’ is plain to see. Thanks to social media and community campaigns, local actions such as beach cleans have become popular activities in Dorset. Every year British Science Week launches a Citizen Science campaign and this year they have chosen Plastic Tide as their partners. If you cannot get to a beach-clean you can virtually log beach litter from your computer or smart-phone and help train a super-computer to identify marine debris.

Most beach litter is made up of on-the-go items, single-use plastics such as bottles and straws. Environmentally conscious consumers are already avoiding these whereas caterers such as Bournemouth Park Cafes are phasing them out. They have made the switch to compostable coffee cups, cellulose straws, cellulose coffee lids and food containers made from recycle sugar cane mulch. Bournemouth Park Cafes have also signed-up to the national Refill scheme and are more than happy to refill any bottle. Parks cafes aim and drive is toward moving away from all single use plastics entirely over the next 12 months.

The film A Plastic Ocean is 101 minutes long and will be shown with English subtitles. For further information, group bookings (5 or more) and to organise a screening in your area please contact Lee Hadaway or call 07789 865934




Ecotainment! ALL
Bournemouth University BU
&Keep online ethical shop BU
Plastic Free Bournemouth BU
Queens Park
Dorset Wildlife Trust Carter School
Sustainable Dorset BU
Wimborne War on Waste BU
Corfe Mullen

Carter School
Dorset Devils BU
Stop Plastic Seas ALL
Don’t Inflate to Celebrate BU
Carter School
Friends of the Earth Queens Park
Dorset Waste Partnership Corfe Mullen
Litter Free Purbeck Swanage
Plastic Oceans

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