This Changes Everything – Green Screen Solar Cinema Review

Shelley Theatre view from Projection Room

On Thursday 9th June 160 activists, audience and crew, gathered together at Shelley Theatre in Bournemouth for the second Green Screen Solar Cinema. Green Screen is more than just a movie, it’s a social and networking event for anyone interested in the environmental movement. In keeping with the radical history of the venue Green Screen provides a forum for nurturing and growth of the local green movement by ‘inspiring each other to take action’. After the film there’s a discussion in the auditorium about issues raised in the film with special guest speakers. Further information can be found in the foyer with space for local green groups and campaigns to promote their work.

The inaugural event in March, part of British Science Week, screened How to Change the World a documentary film by Jerry Rothwell. HTCTW records the birth of environmental activism and Greenpeace in the 1970’s. With the second choice of film being This Changes Everything, a documentary film by Avi Lewis and based on the book by Naomi Klein. That history-lesson is brought bang-up-to-date with a critique of Capitalism and it’s consequences Climate Change.

According to TCE de-regulated, free-market capitalism is at odds with environmentalism by being at war with nature. The existential threat of climate change is a product of economic demand for growth whatever-the-cost even when it is beyond planetary boundaries. Planetary boundaries are what’s widely regarded as safe levels of pollution released into the atmosphere, soil and water for ecosystems to support life. That’s not to mention the gross inequality or unjust wars being fought to prop-up a global economic model that’s systematically failing the Earth and it’s citizens.

Frighteningly this ‘failed’ economic model has no checks & balances with regard to reigning-in it’s power, greed and systemic ecological destruction. Thereby making Governments, Corporations, Citizens and Consumers (yes, you and me) complicit in harm and virtually powerless to prevent it. If this all sounds a bit far-fetched and too far into the future for you – I urge you to watch the film and read-on!

TCE follows seven communities from around the world that are fighting against destruction of their land, livelihoods and communities. From Montana to India, Alaska to China we meet ordinary citizens on the front-line who are forced to go head-to-head with malevolent forces. The David versus Goliath battle re-told as Citizens v Corporations. Multi-billion dollar foes, backed by investors operating with vast governmental tax-breaks and all within the law. Perhaps the films’ byline should be This Changes Everything ‘given permission from the relevant authorities’.

The conclusion of this hard-hitting film is that climate change is the best opportunity you’ll ever get to build a better world BUT and it is an extremely BIG BUT in-order to do this the human race must end it’s dependency on fossil fuels now, before it’s too late. Ultimately TCE is about inspiring communities to take action on climate change, it’s calling for a paradigm shift by asking us all to live in a way that is more sustainable. If this is the case then This Changes Everything is more than just a movie it’s the beginning of a movement!

The discussion after the film was hosted by End Ecocide a group campaigning to implement an international criminal law preventing destruction of ecosystems. Ironically Ecocide is forbidden in times of war but allowed during peace.

A fully proposed draft of the law of Ecocide was submitted into the United Nations by Polly Higgins in April 2010. The intent behind the drafting is to ensure that people and planet are put first and to create a legal duty of care to a) prohibit the causes of mass damage and destruction, b) prevent future significant harm from taking place and c) pre-empt both human caused and natural Ecocides that put nations at risk of being unable to self-govern.

Under the European Citizens Initiative one million signatures are needed to get the law of Ecocide discussed in the European Parliament. Please support the Ecocide campaign by signing the petition here. Once you’ve done that help the Ecocide law further simply by spreading the message far & wide amongst your friends, neighbours and communities find out how here.

The event is produced for Green Screen by Ecotainment! who provide ‘sustainable social lubricant’ for any event. Ecotainment! can make bespoke activities depending on your requirements or you can select off-the-shelf packages for Education, Campaigns, Celebrations & Festivals. If you are interested in taking part in Green Screen, Sponsorship or for further information contact us via the Eco-Disco page or call Lee Hadaway in UK (+44) 077898 65934 aka @joimson

Photo Credit: Rob Amey see more of pictures of the event here

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