The Revolution Will Not Be Organised

green-screen-sci-week A very special British Science Week solar powered screening of How to Change the World will be taking place at Bournemouth Shelley Theatre on March 17th (St.Patricks Day). This radical environmental film charts the success of eco-activist pioneer Richard Hunter and his unorthodox methods to challenge the establishment that gave birth to the organisation known as Greenpeace. Director Jerry Rathwell has drawn on over 40 years of behind the scenes, draw-dropping and dramatic archive footage to make this one of the must-see documentaries of the decade.

Ecotainment! in collaboration with Greenpeace are proud to present this inaugural Green Screen Cinema. An environmental film night & social event to pull together like minded individuals from across society. This blueprint for change has been brought to you with support from our sponsors Blackmore Ricotech Recycling, Eco Sustainable Solutions & Bournemouth University.

Keep it Wheel...

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