Ecotainment! Brings the Fun-shine and Bubbles to Growhampton’s Edible-Campus

I just returned from a rather wet but far from miserable day at an ethical student eatery in London called the Hive Cafe. It was their first birthday party and although it rained for the duration a thoroughly good time was had by all! The Hive is the retail outlet for Growhampton an award winning sustainability project run by the Students Union at Roehampton University

Growhampton minions have been plotting, potting and planting an Edible-Campus by creating grow-spaces, reviving Orchards, tending to Bees and Chickens as well as sourcing products and services from ethical local businesses. This means the produce is fresh and delicious, the flavour combinations are seasonal and the whole outlet just screams wholesome goodness

The cafe consists of two converted shipping containers. Upcycled and re-purposed furniture indoors and out surrounded by fresh herbs and flowers. As I am such a junk-junkie one item that caught my eye was the enormous and rather old water-butt that may have been part of the original Victorian chapel and colleges. It was still working and took pride of place in the courtyard facing the cafe

Please take time to watch video, visit their website and view the blog. It’s inspiring and if you can’t get down there to taste the truly scrumptious produce please consider making a donation to their Crowdfunder campaign. They’re expanding and want to triple the indoor seating area by taking on another shipping container or two !


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