Larmer Tree Festival 2015 Applications are Open

After two consecutive years performing Tip of the Pops at the intimate, local & social Larmer Tree Festival that time has come around again. Last year it felt like all my hard work, energy and enthusiasm (with all round good vibrations) had been recognised when I was asked to host a Bubble Boogie Disco in the children’s area. As well as performing walk-about street theatre every day including a welcoming 60’s warm-up for the legend that is Sir Tom Jones!

Victorian Pleasure Gardens
Genuine Antique Stage

The LTF as it’s affectionately known is a 5 day arty-party hosted in antique Victorian pleasure gardens. A truly spectacular venue in rural England on the Dorset/ Wiltshire border geographically between the Isle of Wight & Glastonbury in festival speak. Because of the unique venue the festival does have a very intimate vibe and this year will be extra special as it is their 25th Anniversary. It’s a chance to see big name artists many of whom would have played Glastonbury in a more relaxed atmosphere and civilised surroundings. There’s also a great selection of comedy, workshops, street theatre & children’s entertainment c’est moi !

As I was trawling through my inbox (3604 unread messages) I found this Larmer Tree Application that I made in 2008 and not long after my first ever gig. It’s not a bad sounding introduction & raison d’etre to Tip of the Pops so I am publishing it here for the first time. I have already applied to return to Larmer Tree this year to help celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Over the years I have been delving into festival culture and education to develop Ecotainment! Let’s hope we get a look-in at this years Larmer Tree & I hope to see you there… !

Tip of the Pops is a Solar Powered Wheel Barrow disco (called Earwig) played by me DJ Dirty Ali.  All of the music and most of the equipment comes from Household Recycling Centre’s (aka the Dump). Earwig provides enough energy for about 3 hours of music before needing a recharge; a gig could be under canvass or out in the open depending on your requirements.  For instance if you have a lot of people queuing I could provide some entertainment to pass the time.

Music is all 7′ vinyl and caters for every taste – its’ a bit like listening to Classic Gold (60’s 70’s 80’s and some 90’s) but with an excruciating cheesy MC DJ – Me ! I have mics so people can join in karaoke style or another MC / Beat boxer can get involved and pump up the crowd!  The DJ sets are recorded and best bits are put online.

The more serious side to what I’m doing is about recycling, renewable energy and climate change. I can host a 30-minute talk and discussion about climate change using information from the Climate Outreach Information Network. I also have a renewable energy station consisting of a mini-bus with solar panels on roof and a 6-meter high wind turbine (only 1.5m diameter).  This system provides enough electricity for tip of the pops and can be used to power other attractions. At the green gathering I provided energy to an art gallery using low power lighting at night and some amplified music during the day.  The same set-up was used to provide power to the healing, kids and arena at Boscombe Community Fair .

I have 5 years experience as a community arts organiser / promoter so am used to working with different artists and groups.  If you wanted me to work closer in developing areas such as green art renewables or waste and recycling these are all areas I’m experienced in.  I would be willing to pass on contacts, network etc. and attend meetings / arrive early to help get things started.

Although Tip of the Pops was developed and debuted secretly at the Green Gathering last year it only played to about 50 people.  This current set-up and guise is Brand New, better and would not have been seen anywhere by anyone else at any other festival! I am expecting offers from other events but as you are local it makes sense for me to approach you first. I would be much happier participating in a really successful local event like yours (that utilises everything I do) than having to stretch my time and resources doing many gigs further a field.

More images and stories can be found on my website

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