Food Waste Rap for Primary School Children Think.Eat.Save reduce your foodprint!

Food Waste Rap by Creative Dynamo Ecotainment

‘Think Eat Save’ don’t throw that food away
Coz this food tastes really good and lasts longer than today
‘Think Eat Save’ you’ll soon see things my way
Let’s be clever in the kitchen that’s what I’ve come to say
When we’re shopping out with mummy lets love food and not waste money
Let’s not take home lots of  packaging it’ll only end up in the bin
‘Think Eat Save’ don’t throw that food away
Coz this food tastes really good and lasts longer than today!

This past week included World Environment Day & Healthy Eating Week so I took the opportunity to take Tip of the Pops wheelbarrow disco into a local primary school and talk about food where it comes from, why we need it and food waste. Both campaigns were supported with plenty of on-line learning materials (see links above) and I also delivered some posters to the headmistress to be used by the school if they wish.

This years WED campaign was titled ‘Think Eat Save reduce your foodprint’ so I used the title as 3 sub-headings and really go the children THINKING ABOUT FOOD, EATING GOOD FOOD & SAVING FOOD WASTE. In order to establish a link between the talk and the disco I used a food waste rap and we also invented some funny fruit and funky veg dance moves.

The overall presentation took 45 minutes and I did it twice to Key Stage One (ages 5-7) and Key Stage Two (ages 8-10). That was the whole school approximately 200 children in two hours. It was certainly a lot of fun and for a worthwhile cause. The ‘wheelbarrow disco’ billed as a recycling talk had certainly got the children excited and interested in the afternoons activities.

The head included a paragraph about the visit in the school newsletter for parents highlighting the fact that 1 in 7 people in the world are hungry and how the school is also supporting the CAFOD Hungry for Change campaign.

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