World Festival Exclusive!

We have just announced a world exclusive with this years Shambala festival. I am still available for community events, private parties and corporate bookings however the sublime Shambala is the ONLY festival I will be playing and I’m proud to be a part of it.

DJ Dynamo exclusive to Shambala 2012
photo by


The benefit of this are twofold. Firstly I find it incredibly rewarding to be able to contribute to the local community either through education, campaigns, fund raising etc. Tip of the Pops began through an alliance of community arts and sustainability and I will always support local events where possible ‘think global act local’ is a mantra of sustainability. It also means I work doubly hard this year improving my act for Shambala. Below is the text I wrote for Shambala and links to their version announced in the newsletter and on their facebook page.

Shambala festival is 23 – 27 th August 2012 (secret location) central England

Tip of the Pops is the antidote to Apples ipod a subversive and anarchic discotheque made from waste transported in a wheelbarrow. Earwig the barra is a pop-up solar powered party generator exclusive and ideally suited to the Shambala festival. Playing dumped vinyl records on discarded equipment Tip of the Pops is a lot of fun but also a serious statement about our throw away society. There is a hidden beauty to found objects and upcycling them. An ethical post-consumerism, not packaged, shipped nor shiny and new. Instead they are discarded, unloved, old fashioned remodelled and pumped up for you pleasure – or as they say down in Dorset ‘reduce, reuse, recycle boogie’!

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