Keep it wheel… 09.04

‘When you’re young, you dance to tell your parents ‘I’m a free man! I’ve got my sexuality, my desires and they aren’t yours!’ You dance to express your freedom!’ Vincent Cespedes


For me, this is the main reason I am trying to reduce my impact on the environment and promote recycling. Whatever action you may take please make it peaceful and fun !

Campaign Against Climate Change Emergency

Financial AWARD

£3050 from UNLTD – I am now a bona-fide social entrepreneur working for community, environment and culture rock-on ! Here is a break-down of how I plan to spend the money…

  • Renewables solar electric and bio-fuel £1000
  • Transport trailer and roof rack £700
  • Marketing design, print and publicity £750
  • Workshop rent £240
  • Telecoms phone and internet £360


LANGTON summer fair Purbeck 13th June
BIG CHILL festival 7th – 9th August

I am honoured to be booked and playing at weddings this year, I am also meeting with an arts education agency about getting into schools. Guaranteed TOTP is a lot of fun but there is a serious side to what I’m doing and paid gigs like these will support the project. Thanks enormously to those that have booked me for their special day and enquired about youth work !

Dirty Ali and Earwig x

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Boogie!

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