Funding Application ‘Community Benefits’

I have just applied for funding to help with marketing, production and learning activites for Tip of the Pops. Here is a sample of what I wrote…

Community Benefits

We are all potential beneficiaries of this project economically, environmentally and socially. My services will be aimed at the public, commercial and voluntary / community sector and each event will be catering for approximately 30 – 300 members of the general public.


Reduce, Re-use, Recycle – We are all consumers of energy, goods and services. I will gather together information and present it in ways that show how we can actually save money by helping the environment. As well as being able to demonstrate how some of our current activities are actually causing more damage than they are worth.


I will be educating people and organisations about climate change. Encouraging and empowering them to take action in their homes and community to reduce energy consumption and create a better place to live / work. I will be giving demonstrations of renewable energy and show examples of best practice tailored to each particular audience.


Each event will act as a catalyst for bringing people together and raising the profile of their organisation. I will use my project as a way to engage local media, maximise publicity and build-up an environmental network linking these groups. One aspect of the project is to engage cross-culturally by continuing to work with other artists using renewable energy, the ‘creative dynamo network’.

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