Bought items

People find it hard to believe that I reclaim all of the equipment and music for Tip of the Pops so I have created a list of items I’ve purchased new or second hand. This list will be a lot shorter than you expect and I have mainly had to go and buy new for safety or as a back-up. This is the main reason why I had to take Earwig the wheelbarrow off-line in the winter as I was running out of spare parts and needed time to ‘find’ replacements. Some of the solar equipment was bought new before Tip of the Pops started and I was working on another project.  These old-new and recent-new non ‘tippy’ items will be replaced overtime as I find more suitable and reliable replacements!

  • 60 watt Solar panel was bought new pre-project in 2006 however two 15w solar panels from the tip are installed and in daily use at the workshop
  • Lead-acid leisure battery (black left in picture) used for the first outing in 2007 was bought new in 2006 pre-project
  • Dell laptop used for editing two of the BGG shows was bought new in 2002 (editing and blog are currently being done on a ‘tippy’ PC)
  • 300 watt inverter 12-240v power bought new used ONCE for 2008 Christmas party
  • Eight AA rechargable batteries and charger (for lights, drum machine, camera etc.) were bought new as it’s hard to find reliable rechargables
  • FM transmitter NOT yet fitted bought new – I’m sure this will come in handy one day !
  • Pinstripe jacket worn at Woodhaze and at least one other gig was bought new in 2005
  • Blue shirt (recycled couture) by Bedlam Boudoir was bought at the Big Green Gathering in 2005

So you can see that since I started in 2007 I have bought next to nothing, nada, zero, zilch! That really is all I can think of and everything else you’ve seen or heard at a gig or on-line was once waste and reclaimed.

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