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Back in May 2008 I was trawling the web looking for similar artists / projects and I found They are into ‘circuit-bending’ which is recycling old electronic toys and equipment and turning them into musical instruments. If you like electronic music with an experimental-renegade-DIY-synth twist you’ll like this. However if you don’t like electronic music you might also enjoy hearing some death screams of mutilated ‘made in China’ mixed with mad-fx, loops and beats.

Luckily this was a whole movement of dumpster-diving musicians and not just an individual or project that I hoped to find.  GetLoFi were very supportive and offered to do an interview which was published on their website in July. I found the interview very useful in a number of ways, firstly as I had never sat down and explained Tip of the Pops fully, it’s reason for being or my background and motivation. Secondly it became much easier promoting Tip of the Pops afterwards as it was clear to see that I was being taken seriously in the USA, UK and around the world.

To hear some circuit bent sounds check out the musicians who read the interview and became myspace friends  POTAR, Rodney Clark and there are more who have joined the f a c e b o o k  group.

Dirty Ali Wheelbarrow Disco
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…Then Have A Disco Party!

The interview was conducted in email over a month period giving me plenty of time to get my point across. I was surprised how just a few simple questions can elicit such a verbose response and the article was published word for word with a nice write-up by the interviewer at the start. Circuit Master, who runs, also kept in touch throughout the interview process and deserves praise for apparently running things so smoothly.

I’ve refrained from copying and pasting parts of the interview and re-publishing it here because I want to give credit for all their hard work with Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…Then Have A Disco Party!.

One final mention, I  have just donated £5 to Wikipedia because I always find their site useful and refer to it often.  I have even managed to put an external link from the Wikipedia Discothèque page to this site and it sends me an average four visits per month ! Wikipedia is not funded like other websites yet they are in the top 5 sites globally. In order to keep their information free, without advertising and for staying ahead with internet development £5 seems a small price to pay.

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