Boscombe Community Fair 2008 coming together

September 5th-7th 2008, Kings Park, Boscombe, Bournemouth

In addition to two music stages featuring over 40 bands with Dread zone Soundsystem, Nick Harper and Pronghorn headlining there is plenty of other activity taking place at this weekends Boscombe Community Fair in Kings Park. Children are free and there is great kids area featuring carnival crafts, graffiti art, story telling and activities for ages 0-18 from 12-6 o’clock Saturday and Sunday.

The theatre and art gallery are creating a visual spectacle with a wild west theme. Friday the theatre is transformed into a Bordello with a musical theatre karaoke party. Saturday focuses on performance featuring Day of the Dead fashion show and Wild Wood theatres comedic performance of Pucks Bottom for all the family. Sunday hosts street, salsa and belly dancing workshops and there are open mic acoustic sessions all weekend in the art gallery.

A greenfield with renewable energy, healing and Tip of the Pops wheelbarrow disco. The return of the agoraphobic pirate arena includes a fun dog show, sports day and medieval torture! The Boscombe Community Fair prides itself as an event ‘by the community for the community’ to showcase local talent, provide a platform for local groups and a low cost festival for everyone to participate and enjoy. The event is open from 6 pm Friday, midday Saturday and Sunday the cost is only £3 per adult.

There is such a lot going on I have published a list of my contribution with links to others. Further info and links to the full children’s area programme here and theatre information here. Band listings are on myspace here.

At the event you’ll be able to buy a full programme for only 50p please buy one and recycle-it when done

Friday night in theatre

6pm experimental ambient electronica with Counter and Joimson

7-9pm fancy dress musical karaoke party (wild west theme)

followed by Tip of the Pops show tunes


12pm Tip of the Tots wheelbarrow disco – children’s area

12-5pm recycling road show – greenfield

4pm Tip of the Pops – arena

4pm recycled rocket workshops – kids area

5pm recycled rocket launches – arena

7pm recycled and vintage fashion show – theatre


1-2pm carnival procession featuring Earwig – arena

Climate change and tip talk with Dirty Ali – greenfield


Clean-up please recycle and do not leave litter

Greenfield intro

Boscombe Community Fair is an annual festival organised by the community for the community. A showcase of local talent and meeting place for all those who live work and play in the area. The 13th Boscombe Community Fair will be held in Kings Park, Boscombe, Bournemouth on the 5 – 7th September 2008.

2007 was the debut of a new attraction called Green Village which included renewable energy, the children’s area, the arena, healing and art gallery. This area was a success with the public, organisers , participants and council all wanting to see more. We would like to develop this area further by providing more environmental activities and improving the festivals green credentials.

To achieve this we are applying for a grant of £430 to provide more activities with the theme Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! In addition to last years success the 2008 green field will have more renewable energy, a green disco, climate change workshops, improved recycling / waste management and a solar powered site office

In keeping with the social and environmental objectives of BCF the greenfield will provide

  • Opportunities for volunteers and groups to work with and learn about renewable energy
  • Reduce our organisations carbon foot-print and impact on the environment
  • Widen the appeal of BCF to families, new audiences and the local media
  • Increased awareness and learning opportunities for environmental issues
  • Show leadership and a willingness to act in an environmentally responsible way
  • Provide practical and social demonstrations of renewable energy and recycling


  • Solar powered socially inclusive art gallery (Winton Resource Centre)
  • Tip of the Pops solar powered recycled disco
  • Healing area
  • Wind and solar power demonstrations
  • Bournemouth council recycling PR road show
  • Recycled rocket launches and workshops for children
  • Get-sorted ! recycling workshop for adults
  • Climate change talk and discussion
  • Recycled and vintage clothing fashion show
  • Partnership with Litter OUT volunteer recycling team
  • Healthy, fresh food from Boscanova cafe

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4 Comments on “Boscombe Community Fair 2008 coming together

  1. Sounds good. See you on Saturday.

    Fiona 🙂

  2. We are trying to get in touch with Ali – do you know his email – we would like to thank him for supporting PEAT on the STREET and have some photos.


    Collette (PEAT-Purbeck Environment Action Team)

  3. Is there going to be a Boscombe Community Fair this year? (2009)

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