In-da-dome – Tip of the Pops live at Woodhaze released

Rock Chicks

This was my first digital recording using mini-disc and boy what a difference it makes! The whole editing took about 6 hours using free software Audacity; approximately 1 hour for every 10 minutes of music. The overall sound quality is up 5 fold, there are still imperfections but that is no fault of the equipment.

The party was in a geodesic dome accommodating about 30 people. All the jumps and skips on the recording were people dancing or moving around bumping and grinding into Earwig! The other interference is from a mobile phone which someone had left near by and was ringing-it to try and find it.

At one stage we had the whole dome rocking whilst the rest of the house and garden was empty. Other DJ’s played drum n bass and techno but we had by far the best atmosphere and least complaints. It just goes to show the wealth and quality of vinyl that’s being buried in landfill!

Woodhaze has a f a c e b o o k group with photos

This recording is hosted by the internet archive here


“Intro (Bud Ashton, apache)

Black Sabbath, paranoid

Deep Purple, smoke on the water

the Clash, 1977

KLF, what time is love

Billy Idol, rebel yell

Frankie Goes to Hollywood, relax

Duran Duran, wild boys

Sly Fox, lets go all the way

Blondie, rapture

the Whispers, and the beat goes on

George Michael, last whisper

Womack and Womack, teardrops

Michael Jackson, billie jean

Soft Cell, tainted love

Rockwell, somebody’s watching me

Amphetameanies, last night

Honeycombs, can’t get through to you

Outro (Bud Ashton, apache)”

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