Eco disco: reduce, reuse, recycle, boogie

Tip of the Pops is a solar powered wheelbarrow disco, all of the equipment and music is reclaimed from Household Recycling Centres. But this experimental discotheque is as far from rubbish as MC Hammer is to the Beatles.

Hosted by dumpmeister DJ Dynamo spinning classic 7” vinyl and six decades of dance. Tip of the Pops caters for every taste. You can literally make a party any time, anywhere without contributing to your carbon footprint.

It’s an easy, fun way to go green for all the family


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2 Comments on “Eco disco: reduce, reuse, recycle, boogie

  1. Dear Dirty Ali,
    I am a student at the university of Colorado, and I work for the environmental center. i was simply wondering if you had any suggestions for a Disco themed recycling campaign since you seem to do this for a gig. Thanks for any help.

  2. One of the things that I was involved with earlier this year was a funky recycled / vintage fashion show. We collected / bought clothes from recycling centres, charity and vintage clothing stores. You can’t have a funky disco without groovy clothes.

    You definitely need to go vinyl with the music too, it’s too easy to put on an ipod or use a laptop for this. The original discos and dj’s only had vinyl and so should you. You can also use unwanted records for decorations or disco dancing prizes !

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