Boscombe Community Fayre Greenfield proposal

Over the years Boscombe Community fair has become more and more music orientated and now it’s time for a change. During this time we have seen the IFSOM arts tent develop into an alternative venue to rival anything the music scene has to offer. BUT with two music stages and 45 PLUS bands the festival is still awash with noise. Drowning out some of the best alternative talent, campaigns and activities on offer.

the childrens parade

In 2008 we would like to counter-act this by including Healing, Theatre, Kids area, Arena, Site Office, Renewable energy and Recycling in to a Green Field attraction. Last year was the first to use renewable energy on-site and provide power to various community groups. This year there will be more information about renewable energy and climate change PLUS a new marquee / venue for the theatre.

fashion show theatre

The green field will be an important development for BCF given its social and environmental objectives. The green field will also widen the festivals appeal to families, new audiences and the local media. Thanks to the success of BCF there are now too many similar local festivals but developing a green area, like this one, will once again establish BCF as a ‘first of it’s kind’.

Please contact us if you would like to get involved with the green field at this years festival. We want to work with individuals and groups locally to showcase the best that Boscombe has to offer. The green field requires workshops, healers, entertainers, stalls, campaigns and absolutely anything else with a green feel to it. For instance I have heard of a student project that incorporated wave power into the legs of Boscombe Pier! Or perhaps you have your own ideas about how to clean-up the environment and inspire local people.

The 13th Annual Boscombe Community Fair is on the 5-7th September 2008

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5 Comments on “Boscombe Community Fayre Greenfield proposal

  1. I’m glad I found this Blog and that you are greening up your event. Is there an “official” website for 2008 yet? I would like more complete details to add to our Green Futures Festivals Event Diary.
    May I also have some contact details?
    Kind regards

  2. Hi, ive been aware of this proposal for a while now…. and ‘in-part’ i feel it is a great idea… there would be much to be gained by having a ‘green field’… essenetially it would bring further grass roots focus of enviromental issues such as recycling, sustainability etc… and push foward ideas on a common-ground level that, alas, Bournemouth Council fails to do….
    It is… of course.[like anything ‘new’] going to cause politics…. perhaps the way the initial statement was drafted could have been worded a little less on a stance of ‘subtle’ critisism… however sometimes when we feel passionate about something [such as this] it can seem somewhat confrontational… but im sure this is not the overall aim…. the overall aim being to make the fair better….
    Fairs-Festivals-Gatherings etc..whatever… apart from being a good time where we all get together-dance-party-communicate freely….. should also be almost like mirrors of the larger context…ie..reflect that what is going on on the outside in society, and as we are all aware… we are as a society/nation/global population facing one of the greatest challenges to our excistence we have ever faced ever… perhaps a green field may help to educate, particularly the young, on ways to put things back on an even kilter….. Im in favour…. good luck…
    [although im envolved in the art tent this year i will support this where i can.]

  3. love dirty ali

    love to dance now (weds morn 7.30 am)

    musical plates that are black make songs you dance to them


    bella blue 2yrs

  4. Baby earthwise 888

    what a wash out what a state

    a series of unfortunate events (co-ordinater)

    down to mother earth and and said mother fu**er

    on site dirty ali arrived

    just in time to keep the festival alive

    he kept the lotus floating and the piddle punters bloating

    with gig after gig pushing old earwig

    the tunes were trash from the last millenia

    even the to cool for school started moving to the nostalgia

    for us kids and teens he was the only thing rocking

    part from watching adult space cadets docking

    renewable sustainable reliable and caring

    about the punters and capable of sharing

    go on boy go with dirty ali and get out of the bus stop hassling me chap making a fuss

    at first i was no way “oh my god have you seen what hes wearing!”
    just get and help him mum said with quite a bit of swearing

    mobile roving ravebarrow mmmh

    after five we were spinning that vynyl and even got in to a bit of old lionel

    so with the wind the rain and grumpy old boys

    tip of the pops filled a very big void

    thanks dirty ali

    georgie boy

    jo private school pef arts get in contact forgot to get your details

  5. Ooh I’m comming down to this to see Larry Pickleman play….anyone know of any good camping places near by?


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