Introducing Earwig the Antidote to Apples ipod

Wheelbarrow Disco Tip of the Pops

For all those people who love to party meet earwig, the antidote to Apples ipod. Earwig is a solar powered wheelbarrow disco played by yours truly DJ Dirty Ali. All of the music comes from the dump and so does most of the equipment. Only a few technical bits have been used from new and these will soon be replaced with scrap when suitable replacements materialise.

Since 2007 Earwig has been upgraded to twin turntables, mixing desk and digital recording giving approximately three hours playing time. You can also book DJ Dirty Ali without Earwig or renewable energy for any event. The beauty of Earwig is no wires, great music and better for the environment by far. You can literally make a party anytime and anywhere accessible by barrow.
Wheelbarrow Disco Tip of the Pops
The plan is to use Earwig to raise money and awareness of the human impact on our environment. This includes giving people a better chance to understand complicated issues like climate change, recycling and renewable energy. Earwig is a practical and social demonstration of green technology and environmental issues for use in communities, education, festivals and parties.

In 2008 Tip of the Pops, featuring DJ Dirty Ail and Earwig, have already played to rave reviews from revellers in Dorset. Including a schizophrenic care home, a bonkers house party, a 50th Birthday party and Buskers Bash. After the success of last years Boscombe Community Fair we will be applying for environmental grants to make the green area a centre piece of this years festival. I am also applying for a grant to set-up and establish Tip of the Pops and the Creative Dynamo website for educational use.

DJ Dirty Ali Solar Powered Wheelbarrow Disco

Progress on the studio has been slower than expected and I have still not digitised the remaining Big Green Breakfast shows. Apologies to and the original limey MC Ollie (slick) who featured on those. There are also recordings from Boscombe Community Fair waiting to be done. In the meantime I think I will upload the first climate change talk given at the Bournemouth Fire Festival in May 2007.

If you have any feedback or questions please comment or email me info[at]

4 Comments on “Introducing Earwig the Antidote to Apples ipod

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  2. Thanks for the feedback all-crew badgering it up massive n ting ! Dancing around listening to waste is where it’s at tip stylee 😉

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