Tip of the Pops – Sound Control released

Dirty Ali Disco - Sound Control

This show is hosted by Internet Archive here

Dirty Ali Disco – Sound Control click to play mp3 stream

This is the 2nd show recorded live at the Big Green Gathering festival. Even though the sound is distorted I am really happy with the overall quality. It has taken me 2 weeks of fooling around with the software Audacity to get something audible. The problem being digitisation which messed up in a few places. If you listen to the original analogue recordings you can make out what is being said in most places but transferring this to PC using Audacity’s default settings leaves bits out.

As I was running everything at full volume even the mic level on tape is a bit excessive. I have no control over the mic level using the Panasonic SG-J550L so this has been reduced using Audacity’s high pass filter effect. I am starting work on an attic studio this winter and all that equipment will come from the dump or skips too. I think I have now got to grips with recording live at acceptable levels and am getting more confident using the software. With the addition of a studio I feel things will certainly get better from here on in. Big shout out to all my work mates at the recycling centre who have been supporting me and finding records and equipment too.

Since returning from the BGG I have played 2 beach parties (outside coasters cafe), 1 birthday and a garden party all in Boscombe, Bournemouth for free. The response is really positive and I am looking forward to next weeks Enchanted Forest party in the arts tent at Boscombe Community fair. This is 3 hours with a stage and proper sound system. I have been involved with this festival for 5 years and this will be my first time as a performer /artist.

Thanks for reading and listening. If you were at any of the gigs I’d love to hear from you please leave a comment or put pictures and video on line and let me know. The next hurdle is archive.org where I am hosting the shows. I have had to sign-up again to upload (a bit weird) and it would also be good to spend more time on line fashioning this blog. Please check out Flash Radio who were also at the BGG and gave me ideas and support for the show.

There are 2 more shows recorded live at the BGG. These were breakfast shows and have slightly different musical taste and children on the mic; which also makes them special. I hope you enjoy listening and thanks for your interest. DA DJ x

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