Dirty Ali does Live Earth London

DA dusted himself down, put on some glad rags for the BIG climate change event of the year at the new Wembley stadium. Londoners were as welcoming as ever and the new 70,000 seater stadium has not lost it’s atmosphere either.

live earth

Highlights of the event were Foo Fighters, Paolo Latini and Spinal Tap. The Chilli Peppers lack lustre performance had kept the crowd waiting and seemed disorganised. Beastie Boys although enthusiastic failed to deliver. There was plenty of booty for the dads in the form of pussy cat dolls, Chakira (in Hamburg) and Riana (Japan). Other surprise highlights were Black Eyed Peas. DA missed Metallica, Keane and Terra Naomi half way through the event when he went to get food from a disorganised food court.

So will Live Earth and ‘the pledge’ work? Well DA thought that the event was pitched perfectly even if there were a few patronising and misleading celebs who thought they were there to ‘save the world’ (Madonna). Al Gore’s pledge is a bit like boy scouts but if we are doing this for the kids =they might respond better than the adults at making necessary changes.

I answered the call with a SMS text message sent in the stadium and was sent line up info, hints and thanks from the organisers. Not at all commercial but very sincere.

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