PEAT on the Street

Purbeck environmental action team fun day in Wareham, Dorset 20th September 2008

PEAT was an excellent example of what a team of well organised talented volunteers can achieve with loads of energy and enthusiasm. This was a last minute gig for me as I had only contacted them 2 days before the event to see if they had places. Fortunately the maypole dancers couldn’t make it and I had a slot 1-2pm in Priory meadow on the banks of the river Frome.

As soon as I arrived I was greeted by Collette of Back 2 Earth who was selling fair trade and local products from her yurt stall. Next to Back 2 Earth was a demonstration by the Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre. They were making rafters for a Viking longhouse and recruiting volunteers to help with construction. The longhouse is due to open in July 2009 and will sit alongside the already successful Earthouse (a 200-seat reconstructed Iron-Age Roundhouse).

PEAT on the Street

After Priory meadow I moved to one of the side streets which had been closed for the day and performed alongside the RSPB Arne bird sanctuary. From them I learned how the RSPB have bought logging rights to a piece of rainforest in Indonesia in order to preserve and restore it. Their particular piece of land is arguably more diverse than Amazon rainforest and home to the worlds largest flower as well as tigers and presumably loads of birds. This was of particular interest to me as I went to the Indonesian island of Sumatra in 1997 and witnessed first hand the destruction and diversity there. The land is called Harapan Rainforest and they’d really appreciate your support.

PEAT was born out of the Dorset Agenda 21 group who aim to encourage sustainable living in Dorset. All governments (local and national) will have heard about agenda 21 because it is a United Nations action plan. Whoever coined the term ‘think global act local’ would be very pleased with PEAT the Purbeck Environmental Action Team.

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Boscombe Community Fair 2008 coming together

September 5th-7th 2008, Kings Park, Boscombe, Bournemouth

In addition to two music stages featuring over 40 bands with Dread zone Soundsystem, Nick Harper and Pronghorn headlining there is plenty of other activity taking place at this weekends Boscombe Community Fair in Kings Park. Children are free and there is great kids area featuring carnival crafts, graffiti art, story telling and activities for ages 0-18 from 12-6 o’clock Saturday and Sunday.

The theatre and art gallery are creating a visual spectacle with a wild west theme. Friday the theatre is transformed into a Bordello with a musical theatre karaoke party. Saturday focuses on performance featuring Day of the Dead fashion show and Wild Wood theatres comedic performance of Pucks Bottom for all the family. Sunday hosts street, salsa and belly dancing workshops and there are open mic acoustic sessions all weekend in the art gallery.

A greenfield with renewable energy, healing and Tip of the Pops wheelbarrow disco. The return of the agoraphobic pirate arena includes a fun dog show, sports day and medieval torture! The Boscombe Community Fair prides itself as an event ‘by the community for the community’ to showcase local talent, provide a platform for local groups and a low cost festival for everyone to participate and enjoy. The event is open from 6 pm Friday, midday Saturday and Sunday the cost is only £3 per adult.

There is such a lot going on I have published a list of my contribution with links to others. Further info and links to the full children’s area programme here and theatre information here. Band listings are on myspace here.

At the event you’ll be able to buy a full programme for only 50p please buy one and recycle-it when done

Friday night in theatre

6pm experimental ambient electronica with Counter and Joimson

7-9pm fancy dress musical karaoke party (wild west theme)

followed by Tip of the Pops show tunes


12pm Tip of the Tots wheelbarrow disco – children’s area

12-5pm recycling road show – greenfield

4pm Tip of the Pops – arena

4pm recycled rocket workshops – kids area

5pm recycled rocket launches – arena

7pm recycled and vintage fashion show – theatre


1-2pm carnival procession featuring Earwig – arena

Climate change and tip talk with Dirty Ali – greenfield


Clean-up please recycle and do not leave litter

Greenfield intro

Boscombe Community Fair is an annual festival organised by the community for the community. A showcase of local talent and meeting place for all those who live work and play in the area. The 13th Boscombe Community Fair will be held in Kings Park, Boscombe, Bournemouth on the 5 – 7th September 2008.

2007 was the debut of a new attraction called Green Village which included renewable energy, the children’s area, the arena, healing and art gallery. This area was a success with the public, organisers , participants and council all wanting to see more. We would like to develop this area further by providing more environmental activities and improving the festivals green credentials.

To achieve this we are applying for a grant of £430 to provide more activities with the theme Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! In addition to last years success the 2008 green field will have more renewable energy, a green disco, climate change workshops, improved recycling / waste management and a solar powered site office

In keeping with the social and environmental objectives of BCF the greenfield will provide

  • Opportunities for volunteers and groups to work with and learn about renewable energy
  • Reduce our organisations carbon foot-print and impact on the environment
  • Widen the appeal of BCF to families, new audiences and the local media
  • Increased awareness and learning opportunities for environmental issues
  • Show leadership and a willingness to act in an environmentally responsible way
  • Provide practical and social demonstrations of renewable energy and recycling


  • Solar powered socially inclusive art gallery (Winton Resource Centre)
  • Tip of the Pops solar powered recycled disco
  • Healing area
  • Wind and solar power demonstrations
  • Bournemouth council recycling PR road show
  • Recycled rocket launches and workshops for children
  • Get-sorted ! recycling workshop for adults
  • Climate change talk and discussion
  • Recycled and vintage clothing fashion show
  • Partnership with Litter OUT volunteer recycling team
  • Healthy, fresh food from Boscanova cafe

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Eco disco: reduce, reuse, recycle, boogie

Tip of the Pops is a solar powered wheelbarrow disco, all of the equipment and music is reclaimed from Household Recycling Centres. But this experimental discotheque is as far from rubbish as MC Hammer is to the Beatles.

Hosted by dumpmeister DJ Dynamo spinning classic 7” vinyl and six decades of dance. Tip of the Pops caters for every taste. You can literally make a party any time, anywhere without contributing to your carbon footprint.

It’s an easy, fun way to go green for all the family


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DJ Dirty Ali Disco Tip of the Pops

‘Better than Lost Vagueness’

I have just returned from this years Big Green Gathering festival on an all time high as it was my first time as a performer and renewable energy provider. On the previous two occasions I was an arts co-ordinator and gallery steward. This year I managed to provide solar power to the Artwise gallery in the AMARE field (Alternative Media and Renewable Energy) and perform Tip of the Pops (a mobile disco) as DJ Dirty Ali.

On the drive back I’ve been listening to the recordings of Dirty Ali’s sets. There are four shows, three on Saturday night / Sunday morning and one on Monday morning. The recordings were made using audio cassette as all of Dirty Ali’s equipment and music comes from the rubbish dump. There is approximately 4 hours of recordings which will be edited and uploaded as pod casts in due course.

1st gig 2 am on Sunday morning at the Meeting Place and Fire

This show is hosted by Internet Archive here

Dirty Ali Disco – Meet Point

I started off setting up near the fire but away from most people at about 1.30 am. There is a curfew and all amplified music has to stop at 2 am but as this was a mobile disco (using a wheel barrow) I I knew I could probably avoid getting into trouble. Initially there was some interest and dancing as people were wandering around looking for entertainment. There was also a bit of Karaoke as I allowed other people to use the mic and join in with some tunes.

Then I got invited to set-up closer to the fire where there was about a dozen people listening. The first track Ghostbusters set the scene. As I was concentrating on the turntable, mic and selecting records it was very hard to judge the crowds reaction. To make matters worse I had my back to them but I was ready to counter any criticism by pointing out that all of my equipment and tunes came from the dump and were indeed complete rubbish. In fact, I think, by hyping up the fact that it was all rubbish just made it more entertaining and interesting for people.

In order to get my amplifier working (and increase the volume) I needed to replace a fuse so I announced on the mic that we needed one. Someone who told me that I was was ‘better than Lost Vagueness’ managed to find one and bring it back in about 20 minutes. ‘My break’ consisted of me replacing the fuse whilst playing cheesy instrumental music in an interval style. It was just after this that the first recording starts and I had already been going long enough to recruit a beat boxer (Casper) and was about to find my first MC (Emma).

Not long after getting amped-up security appeared for the 1st time. I had been asked earlier on in the night to be considerate of those sleeping nearby with children and thought that I had. I knew using the amplifier was a risk so without being asked I turned it off and covered it over with a blanket. To anyone just arriving it looked like I was playing tunes on an old ghetto blaster with built-in turntable and speakers with NO amp. The security never actually spoke to me but someone must’ve dealt with them as they left us alone not long after. By now the crowd was getting much larger and some of my friends had shown up and were laughing their heads off at me. There was standing room only at the meet point and those furthest away from the fire were forced to bop to my music to keep warm.

Also, in the recording, I managed to get a speech about waste and recycling out to as many people as possible. This was totally unrehearsed and from the heart. Security eventually returned whilst we were playing love songs (Hello by Lionel Richie) and they told us we had to stop as this was a condition of the festival’s license. Using the mic I asked them to let the track play out and that would be the end of the set no problem. However this was not good enough and one of the security guards leant over and calmly removed the stylus from the record to boos from the crowd. I’ve been told there was 30 – 40 people there at that time; if you were there or or at any of the sets please let me know what you thought of the experience and send photo’s, videos etc.

approx. 4 am outside Hunkydori cafe / bar

This show is hosted by Internet Archive here

Dirty Ali Disco – Sound Control

After the party at the meeting place I headed to the Hunkydory cafe as they were already playing music louder than me in the same field. I figured if they were louder than me then we would not be disturbing anyone unless they got shut down too. It turned out Hunkidory were good sports and loved what we were doing. It was just after this that the 2nd recording starts and things start to get a little chaotic. I was still inexperienced setting up the amp so we recorded a lot of feedback. However the Hunkidory crew and clientèle really got into the party and this was definitely the best set for MC’s. BIG shout out to MCs Ian, Sam and Houliuos!

hunkidori cafe

I was running out of ideas as many of my popular tracks had already been played twice hence there are a few apologies and lame excuses by me on the mic. By this time Casper the beatboxer had also have enough and was watching, not taking part (big shout out to Casper). This gave a new set of MC’s like Ian, Houlious and Sam a chance which was great. The Hunkidory set ended after sunrise at about 6 am. Afterwards they wanted me to go and do two more festivals with them in August. Thank you Hunkidory, Love Dome, Bridget’s sister and all those that were there for this mentalist set.

approx. 9 am at the Artwise gallery

This was our crew area and many of the kids and other crew members who had missed my escapade wanted to hear it. I had not slept and was not feeling tired (due to adrenalin) – more blog soon x

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