Wheelbarrow Disco

    Solar Powered Wheelbarrow Disco 100% waste, renewable and sustainable

Solar Powered Wheelbarrow Disco 100% waste, renewable and sustainable

Tip of the Pops! Award winning ecotainment ‘a disco with no carbon footprint’ and the world’s only solar powered wheelbarrow disco created from waste! Hosted by DJ Dynamo spinning classic 7” vinyl five decades of dance. With Tip of the Pops you can literally make a party any time anywhere. It’s an easy fun way to go green for all ages providing renewable energy and entertainment virtually anywhere or as we like to say ‘Keep it Wheel…’


Need something extraordinary for a special event, wedding, birthday or garden party?  I have the freedom to set up anywhere no power required. Unique wheely-mobile cheesy disco for inside or out, day and night such as beaches, barbecues, camp-sites and playing fields. Perfect for Eco-weddings and venues with no mains electricity such as the Earthhouse at Cranborne Ancient Technology Centre


  • Pop-up party performances lasting between 1-2 hours
  • Cheesy disco 5 decades of dance
  • Nursery rhymes, story time records
  • have-a-go disco DJ workshops
  • Breakfast shows for families and early risers
  • Warm-up, walk-about, cabaret

Tip of the Pops is the antidote to Apples ipod a subversive and anarchic discotheque made from waste transported in a wheelbarrow. Earwig the barra is a pop-up solar powered party generator ideally suited to festivals. Playing dumped vinyl records on discarded equipment Tip of the Pops is a lot of fun but also a serious statement about our throw away society ‘reduce, reuse, recycle boogie!’

Childrens Parties

Excellent family entertainment not just for kids but they love-it too! Works morning, noon and night with party games, disco dancing contests, DJ workshops and more. Older kids that want to experience the thrill of DJ’ing and sound and look like a pro? We have professional scratch turntables and tunes to get you started – solar powered style!


Tip of the Pops is an alliance of community arts and sustainability that supports community events, education and campaigns. The project is not-for-profit meaning that private and commercial bookings help subsidise the recycling and renewable themed Ecotainment road show.

  • diverts waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill
  • sensibly sustainable combining renewable energy and recycling

Where is it?

Tip of the Pops is located in Dorset, England, you can also find us on F a c e b o o k. View the Events page OR for booking and availability please contact me

How loud is it?

We can provide a larger sound and lighting system that works with Tip of the Pops. If you would like it louder or have any other requirements please ask. We have a small sound system as I am limited to what I can carry on my barrow, in the past I have a used a 100 watt speaker to entertain about 50 people at a time

Did you really find the equipment and music at the recycling centre?

Yes, read the post bought items

2 Responses

  1. thank you Lushfest it was amazing!

  2. […] The New Orleans Raconteur Doctor Jazz Compère & DJ Westdown Towers (The Bing Bong Rooms) ‘Tip of The Pops’ by DJ Dynamo. Tip of the Pops is musical comedy activism made by reclaimed waste and enjoyed by all ages […]

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