Solar Powered Discos

DJ Dynamo Ecotaining our Nation

DJ Dynamo Ecotaining our Nation

YOU MADE OUR PARTY. Everyone loved you & your tunes. THANK YOU (21st Birthday Party)

We believe having a good time should not cost the earth so we proudly present environmentally friendly mobile discos. Our battery powered solar systems are capable of giving up to 8 hours ecotainment day or night and we have various packages for all ages. Our music blends vinyl and digital seamlessly with LED lighting effects and vintage decor. We are perfectly at home indoors, outside or under canvass

Amazing afternoon’s ecotainment…. thanks for supplying some top tunes (3rd Birthday Party & BBQ)

Need something extraordinary for a special event, wedding, birthday, or garden party? Then try our wheelbarrow disco Tip of the Pops it has appeared at various festivals including Shambala and the Larmer Tree.

Or try our alternative energy disco for ecotaining up to 200 guests in a traditional venue. Mixing shabby-chic vintage decor and hi-tech lighting and sound equipment

We are an ethical social enterprise meaning that private and commercial bookings help subsidise our community work benefiting local schools, youth clubs and campaigns.

For further information and availability please contact us

01258 268706 or 07907 795408

We enjoyed it and found it was an alternative way of presenting some very important and powerful messages (Food-waste Workshop) St Catherines primary school

Creative Dynamo provides Ecotainment for a small – medium size venue and is experienced in education, fund raising, festivals, voluntary organisations and the arts. Creative Dynamo will provide risk assessments, waste management, fire and first aid skills to help green-up your event. Please contact us with your requirements for an accurate quotation. We also provide:

  • 5 million pounds public liability insurance
  • Enhanced CRB check for working with children and young people

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  2. Hello
    Just wondering how far afield you travel? and what that might cost.
    I know there are outside plugs in Edinburgh city centre but to be solar powered for midsummer would be good.

  3. Heyy :) , I dont Know If you remember me but I had a chat with you the other day . down the dump , but I was thinking about what you said about Any projects , And i thoughtt of somthing

    I was thinking aboutt A kind of a walking speaker set up , Like on wheels , Somthing that could be riden aboutt and Play music , Maybe with the use of bikes for power , Or somthing , I really dont Know where to begin Butt Get back to me :) Heres my number xxxxxxx Cheers mann , Good Luck Ill Comee See you down the dump have a chatt

  4. Hi Joimson,

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